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Flash Pads Game Software

Flash Pads: The Next Generation Arcade Attraction Now Shipping to Customers!

Step into the future of arcade entertainment with the sensational Flash Pads! After turning heads at the IAAPA tradeshow in Florida, this innovative attraction is now shipping to customers, ready to light up the scene at arcades, resorts, restaurants, family entertainment centers, and more.

The Flash Pads feature 100 vibrant light-up squares, creating immersive games that can entertain up to 4 players at once. Easily integrated with card swipe systems or set up to sell time, venue owners can tailor the Flash Pads to suit their needs. Plus, they can now reward guests with tickets for an extra layer of excitement!

Flash Pads V1 Software Release

Version 1 software has grown since its debut last year offering a diverse range of 10 game modes, catering to various preferences and playstyles. And now, it’s even more user-friendly with touchscreen compatibility! Business owners can set up a kiosk with a touch screen to give guests additional ways to choose their games, making the experience even more seamless and engaging. Check out these exciting single-player and multiplayer games:

Single Player Games:

  1. Temple Escape: Navigate a treacherous temple by stepping on lighted squares to escape.
  2. Snake Pit: Players dodge colorful snakes as they slither across the floor.
  3. Ruby Rush: Race against time to collect as many gems as you can.

Multiplayer Games (Up to 4 Players):

  1. Blitz Ball: Fast-paced action where players defend their goal while attempting to score against opponents.
  2. Boogie Lights: Dance challenge with players stepping on glowing squares along with the beat of the music.
  3. Stop n Go: Exciting red-light green-light game for up to 4 players.
  4. Clock Hop: A favorite among younger players, jump over a spinning virtual clock hand.
ruby rush flash pad game

The Flash Pads are perfect for any venue, entertaining solo players or larger groups of 10 or more. With a mix of single-player and multiplayer games, everyone can find a game mode they love. This interactive floor encourage socialization, exercise, and friendly competition, creating an energetic atmosphere that enhances the guest experience.

flash pad touch screen option available

Touch Screen with Options Available

Ease of Operation: Intuitive Gameplay for Players of All Ages

Once active, starting a game is a breeze. Players step on the colored square for their desired game mode and choose the number of players. Short videos and prompts make learning games easy, no staff required! Players see their scores after each game, then the system cycles back to the game selection screen automatically. Whether your customers are young or old, the Flash Pads give you the variety of games your players will love.


Flexible Options for Business Owners

The Flash Pads provide flexible options that align with the way you do business. Owners can sell time in increments (from 5 minutes to an hour), or charge players for a set number of credits. For example, players could swipe their card to receive three credits, which they can use to play any games they want. However you choose to run it, the Flash Pads offer flexibility for your business while encouraging players to try a variety of games, increasing their overall enjoyment and time spent at the venue.

Marketing Magic with Flash Pads

Flash Pads are not only a blast to play but also a fantastic marketing tool. Players love recording their friends and family in action, sharing these vibrant moments on social media platforms. This organic buzz creates a fun, lively atmosphere that attracts even more guests.

Flash Pads: In Stock and Ready to Ship

Flash Pads are in stock and ready to ship to customers! Whether you’re ordering for a single location or multiple venues, we’ve got you covered. As Brian Sytkowski, sales director of Battle Company, said, “I can see at least one of these in every FEC! This is an amazing new attraction!”

“I can see at least one of these in every FEC! This is an amazing new attraction!”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your entertainment space with the Flash Pads—an unparalleled interactive gaming attraction that keeps your guests entertained for hours. Place your order today and level up your venue with the ultimate arcade experience!