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Flash Pads: The Game-Changer in Family Entertainment Centers

In today’s dynamic world of family entertainment, operators are perpetually on the lookout for innovative offerings that promise to captivate guests and generate steady revenue. Enter the Flash Pads — a unique combination of an attraction and an arcade, set to revolutionize the FEC landscape.

Why are Flash Pads Buzzworthy?

At first glance, Flash Pads might appear as just colorful squares coming together, but there’s more than meets the eye. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Diverse Modes: Transition effortlessly between an attraction mode for larger groups or an arcade mode for solo or multiplayer fun.
  • Space-Efficient: All the excitement packed within a 12 x 12 space, making it a sizable attraction with a compact footprint.
  • Competitive Edge: Flash Pads introduce a brand-new category in family entertainment, bridging the gap between traditional attractions and arcades.

Flash Pads: The Dual Revenue Stream

  1. As an Attraction: Picture this – a family of four walks in, and you offer them an exclusive 15-minute session on the Flash Pads. Charging a competitive rate per person, it’s an easy sell. Especially for birthday parties or larger gatherings, the Flash Pads can entertain 8-12 players at a time, ensuring everyone gets their moment of fun.
  2. As an Arcade: When not operating in attraction mode, the Flash Pads seamlessly transition to arcade mode. Compatible with popular card reader systems like Intercard or Embed, these pads become a high-throughput moneymaker. Players can swipe for solo games or rally their friends for multiplayer challenges. With games ranging from 30 to 60 seconds, the competitive spirit ensures players come back for more rounds.

Adaptable to Your Business Model

Whether you have a redemption counter or plan to introduce one in the future, Flash Pads are adaptable. They excel in ticketed games, offering venues the flexibility to control payouts and jackpot settings.

A Testimony to Success

In a recent report, Flash Pads outperformed 88% of arcade machines in a center with over 170 machines. Another Family Entertainment Center with 70 arcades recently reported the Flash Pads finishing in the top 5%. These numbers further validate what we have believed from the beginning…. Flash pads are loved by guests and a money maker for businesses!

In Conclusion

Flash Pads, crafted by the seasoned innovators at Battle Company, embody a decade-long legacy of creating groundbreaking products for family entertainment centers. Their dual-mode functionality, space efficiency, and revenue-generating potential make them a must-have for forward-thinking entertainment venue operators.