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Flash Pads are great for any space!

Flash Pads come in multiple configurations. Dive into the expansive world of Flash Pads, designed for a thrilling multiplayer experience with a variety of engaging games. Or, for those seeking a smaller option there’s Temple Escape Arcade – a compact, single-player game that delivers fun gameplay within a smaller footprint.

Action Attraction - 12 x 12 Space

Flash Pad Action Attraction is 100 pads configured in a 10 x 10 grid with a 144 square footprint. This size works with up to 4 players and is a perfect fit for any room, arcade, or space.

flash pad multiplayer arcade


Need something smaller? Check out Temple Escape Arcade. As a treasure hunter your job is to carefully follow the path to escape with the treasure. Unlock the mysteries  and escape the temple to score the score the ultimate jackpot!

– High Replay Value
– Large 55″ HD LCD display
– Family-friendly gameplay for all ages
– Ticket Jackpot
– Video tutorials
– Almost 1000 color-changing LED’s
– Amazing audio
– Card Reader Ready

Want Something Bigger?

Looking for a bigger Flash Pads Attraction? Talk to us solutions for a larger space.

What to customize? Talk to a sales rep