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Install Flash Pads in your arcade.

flash pads

What are Flash Pads?

The Flash Pads link 100 colorful squares in a 12×12 space featuring a variety of 1-4 player games that is perfect for entertaining groups of all ages. Operating this new attraction is easy. Guests can purchase time or number of games at your register or swipe a card in a reader to play. The games are easy to learn but fun to master and sure to be the highlight of any floor space!

Experience the Flash Pads!

The flash pads are super fun."

Victor5 Stars

The flash pad is a must do."

Aaron Mattison5 Stars

The flash pad was a total hit..."

Ali Van Henkelum5 Stars

Flash Pads has a

growing game list!

temple escape flash pads games
Flash Pads red light green light game
clock hop flash pad game
dancing arcade game boogie lights
ruby rush flash pads
Color Crush Match 3 game like candy crush
snake pit dodging game flash pads
Flash Pads hurdles game
Blitz Ball Flash Pads Soccer game arcade

Steal the treasure and escape the temple, dodge snakes, or grab some friends and race over hurdles. Love dancing? Two-step your way to a new high score! With a growing list from a variety of genres, the Flash Pads will have your customers playing again and again!

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Flash Pads are great for groups

Have a group or party you want to entertain? The Flash Pads are a perfect attraction for selling session time for entertaining groups of people. With multiple 4 players games to experience, guests will be jumping, dancing, and laughing together all session long. Flash Pads are fun to play and exciting to watch(and record!). If you are looking for something with a small footprint but has big entertainment value for your parties, a set or two of Flash Pads is your solution.



  • Players register with camera
  • Compete in a series of games
  • Winner is crowned Flash Pad Champion!

Create loyal customers through redemption


Redemption is a great way to earn more.  Flash pads seamlessly integrate with card reader systems with the ability to reward tickets to customers based on their score.

Interested in Flash Pads for your space?

Flash Pads are manufactured and distributed by Battle Company