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Install Flash Pads in your arcade.

What are Flash Pads?

Flash Pads are colorful smart squares configured to make an interactive floor where players can experience exciting and competitive games. Light it up and watch the crowds gather as this new attraction will be the highlight of any floor space!

Flash Pads has a

growing game list!

Feature four games for customers to choose from

Steal the treasure and escape the temple, jump the rope, or grab a friend and race over hurdles. Love dancing? Two-step your way to a new high score! With a growing list from a variety of genres, the Flash Pads will have your customers playing again and again

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Flash Pads are multi-player

Up to 4 people can experience the Flash Pads together. Your players will be jumping, dancing, and laughing making this experience memorable and sharable!

1 - 4 PLAYERS!
flash pad action arcade game

Create loyal customers through redemption


Redemption is key for any arcade.  Unleash the power of Flash Pads to reward customers based on their score and turn them into lifelong fans.

Interested in Flash Pads for your space?

Flash Pads are manufactured and distributed by Battle Company